Affordable Housing

  Just a snap shot of what we propose to offer includes Affordable Housing, which is being hap hazardly approached and every man and his dog is having a go at trying to satisfy the gap in the market. Some of these companies have good intentions, and others are simply in it to make a fast buck and do not care about how the end product turns out....

Affordable Housing


At present, the standard home size to be delivered is 30 square metres, but people are being forced to accept 25 square metres and less with no kitchen, partitions or private facilities. We will as standard be supplying a 38 square metre home and pledge to deliver a defined product - i.e. a dignified home with reasonable living space and privacy.


Accom Park Homes
"Accelerated Delivery" is the catch cry from the Housing Department. This is a serious problem that needs addressing which is that housing is a basic need and this is the fundamentals that the current housing policy is based upon.


Besides building a dignified home, we would also supply gas for heating and cooking, provide solar powered lighting and a rain water tank to harvest rain water which will reduce the impact on the nation's electrical grid and on our environment. 


Have a look at our range of quality and AFFORDABLE Housing to see what we mean!


Property Maintenance

Do you have a list of jobs around the home or office that never seem to get done? We’ll respond quickly and send the tradesperson most qualified for the job.

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